Bonny Material-Handler

18 Ton Hydraulic Material Handler

Model: WZY18-8C

BONNY WZY18-8C 18ton Hydraulic Crawler Material Handler for Scrap Metal Recycling


● Engine emmissions conform to the latest environmental regulations.

● It is equipped with the world famous brand hydraulic components.

● Wide operating range, powerful grabbing force and high working efficiency.

● Applicable for loading, unloading, stacking, transferring and packing in scrap steel yards, wharf yards, railway yards, as well as light material industry.

● The following advanced systems can be selected individually or in combination as required: Monitoring system with displayer, electronic weighing system, radiation detection system, automatic central lubricating system, rubber track, tools applicable (Multi-tine Grab, Clamshell grab, Timber grab, Hydraulic shears, Hydraulic pliers etc.).


Machine weightt18
Diesel engine powerkW91
Rated speedrpm1750
Max. flowL/min2×140
Max. operation pressureMPa30
Swing speedrpm13
Travel speedkm/h3.4
Cycling time of operations15
Working attachmentData
Boom lengthmm5500
Stick lengthmm3800
Capacity with multi-tine grabm30.6 (5-tines)
Max. grabbing reachmm10280
Max. grabbing heightmm8170
Max. grabbing depthmm4680

 The product may be improved and upgraded. Data are subject to change without notice.

Basic Info.

Model NO.:





ISO9001: 2000



Operationg Weight:


Power/Rated Speed:


Capacity with Multi-Tine Grab:

0.6m³ (5-Tines)

Max. Grabbing Reach:




Transport Package:

Export Pakage



HS Code:


Application Cases:

Material Handler
Material Handler (BONNY WZY18-8C)
Material Handler (BONNY WZY18-8C)

Material Handler (BONNY WZY18-8C)
Material Handler (BONNY WZY18-8C)

Material Handler (BONNY WZY18-8C)
Material Handler (BONNY WZY18-8C)

Material Handler (BONNY WZY18-8C)


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Bonny Heavy Machinery service engineers efficient and reliable service win the trust of customers

In a flash, half of 2020 has passed. This year is a special year and a year full of trials. “Bonny” people work hard, and the good news of machine delivery all over the country continues. A large number of electric excavators, material handlers (steel grabbing machines, material grabbing machines), scrapped vechile dismantling machines and other equipment rush to the customer’s site.

Recently, with the close assistance of various departments of the company, the CED460-8 electric excavator products of Sichuan Bonny Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd have been sent to Hangzhou market in batches. In order to ensure the normal operation of users’ equipment and bring economic benefits to customers as soon as possible, the general manager of excavator division of our company led the after-sales service engineers to arrive at the customer’s site in advance to complete the equipment installation work.

At 6:00 a.m. on a scorching midsummer day, Bonny Heavy Machinery service engineers keep on walking, with professional and solid maintenance skills to ensure the efficient production of customer equipment and stable operation. In the sun, they wear overalls, holding tools and that set of equipment. The faces discontented with sweat and wet lapels outline their way forward with heavy load and gallop on the sand ground. The lifting work of CED460-8 was completed at 2:00 p.m.

We didn’t have a rest for a moment. We received a call from other customers saying that there was a problem with the motor of the equipment. The service engineer of our company immediately went to the customer’s site to check. The result was that the customer was not familiar with the new equipment, and there was no problem with a false alarm. However, our service staff were still conscientious and meticulous in providing technical guidance to the on-site customers, responding quickly and actively. The spirit has been unanimously recognized by the customers on site.

At 12:00 a.m., another new equipment arrived at the site. However, our service engineers knew how important it was for customers to use the equipment in time. Although they had been working for a whole day, they were very tired, but the time was tight. They could not take a rest and rushed to the installation site. They are with the night, with the stars, with the flashlight in hand, in the dim light, reflecting their busy figure. Although the dim light has brought a lot of resistance to the installation, with years of experience, they still conscientiously completed the equipment installation and adjusted the customer’s equipment to the best application state. After the adjustment, it was 8:00 a.m. the next day, when the customer arrived in the morning At the scene, after seeing the electric excavator that had been debugged, I was full of recognition and gratitude. They were the service personnel who finished today’s work. They interpreted the company’s product service culture with practical actions.

Bonny” service will adhere to the service connotation of “rapid response, active cooperation, timely elimination, and serious responsibility”, so as to solve practical problems and solve difficulties for customers, so that our series of products such as electric excavator, steel grabbing machine, material grabbing machine and automobile scrapping and dismantling machine can perfectly serve every use site, and become a strong backing for efficient production and maintenance of customer equipment !

Sichuan BONNY Heavy Machinery (China)
Sichuan BONNY Heavy Machinery (China)
Sichuan BONNY Heavy Machinery (China)

Sichuan Bonny Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd


Sichuan BONNY Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the National High-tech Industrial Park in Luzhou city, Sichuan province, southwest China, founded in 1965 and formerly known as Changjiang Excavator Works. It is a professional manufacturer of 40-220 tons hydraulic excavators, 18-130 tons hydraulic material handler and 10-50 tons scrap-vehicle dismantlers (All of these machines can be powered separately by diesel engine, electromotor or multi diesel- electric powers), and is a professional manufacturing base for middle and large construction machinery in China.

BONNY is a national high-tech enterprise; a national high-tech R&D program of China (863 Program) enterprise; a science and technology industrial enterprise and major equipment manufacturing enterprise in Sichuan province, and has set up a “provincial enterprise technology center” in Sichuan province.

In June 1977, BONNY developed a brand-new 40-ton hydraulic excavator in China based on the introduction of R961 excavator from Liebherr company of Germany. In 1985, BONNY introduced the complete technology (Know How + Know Why) of three 60-90 ton hydraulic excavators (R962, R972, R982) and some special equipment for manufacturing from Liebherr company of Germany, and started the development history of large hydraulic excavators in China. In 1998, BONNY successfully developed China’s first crawler hydraulic material handler WY160A which led a new revolution in the material handling industry in China. During the course of the development of the company, China’s first hydraulic excavator, China’s largest tonnage hydraulic excavator, China’s first electric-powered hydraulic excavator and China’s first hydraulic material handler all were born in BONNY.

Factory Address:

No. 16, 4th Section, Jiugu Avenue, Jiangyang District, Luzhou, Sichuan, P. R. China


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Bonny Material-Handler

BONNY won 6 overseas orders of Material Handlers

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 has spread all over the world while the world economy fell to the bottom since World War II. The overseas demand decreased sharply.

Facing a break for the supply chain, the export situation of BONNY is severe. In the face of the crisis brought by the COVID-19, the international trade team of BONNY Heavy Machinery are determined to forge ahead and timely grasped the demand information of a steel plant in Southeast Asia, by moderately adusting marketing strategies and subtly seizing business opportunies.

Moreover, the international trade team of BONNY actively responded to competition in the same industry by giving a full play to BONNY’s characteristics of specialization and personalization. After more than two months of full communication and negotiation with the owner and the design institute, BONNY finally won the recognition of the owner and the design institute with professional, effective and high performance-price ratio solutions, obtaining the order of 6 material handlers for scrap yards and steelmaking feeding.

In order to meet the urgent needs of users, the production system of BONNY was running efficiently, among which 2 material handlers modelled WZY43-8 have completed production and manufacturing in only 20 days, creating the fastest delivery record during the COVID-19 period. At present, 3 material handlers have been shipped, and the next 3 machines will soon complete production and delivery, contributing to customer achievement. The impact of the COVID-19 on international trade exports is prominent.

As a pioneer and leader in China’s material handlers industry, BONNY Heavy Machinery is striving to make a contribution to the recovery of the global economy.

BONNY 抓料机 Material Handler
BONNY 抓料机 Material Handler
Bonny Material Handler
Bonny Material Handler
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